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STAR source code

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I believe my boxes of floppies as well as my original TI console setup and accessories were lost after multiple moves.  However, I found a floppy tucked away in a drawer that had the source code to STAR (Super TI Assembly Routines), that I published long, long ago when I was in high school.


Thanks to the help of @9640News who turned it into a disk image (since I had no drive that could read a DSSD 5.25" floppy), I am now able to share it with the community.  I am releasing the source code to the public domain - all I ask is attribution if you use whole routines.  I hope it helps someone out there.





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6 minutes ago, Ksarul said:

I think I may have actually bought a copy of the STAR routines BITD. Now I will have to go hunting to see if I did. . .

I had a ledger back in the day, but that is lost to time as well.

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For the assembly language programmer looking at how to interface assembly to extended basic, Michael has some excellent code fully documented everything.  His source code can be a good learning tool!


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