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Latest 3D Printed TI Stuff

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I enjoy using my 3D printer to make items for my home, hobby, and computer projects.


Most recently I used it to make my 3D printer upgraded TI joystick.




This is my latest goofing around work in progress ideas.


1. F18A VGA with audio jack plate for the F18A MK1.  (This hasn't been tested yet as I just ordered my F18A and am waiting it to arrive.)


2. TI Keyboard dust, cat, and spill protective cover.  While this is a work in progress, the fit is very good and it will do the job.  This is bit of a pain to print on a stock Ender 3 Pro in that it has to be printed in 2 (or in this case 4) parts as it is too large for the print bed.  BTW, if the base is sliced at 3mm it makes a really neat accent ring for my beige console!


The white TI logo is most likely not going to make the cut.


(The white discoloration is caused by that nasty Super Glue mixing with PLA.   Epoxy might be a better choice.


Both these projects may find their way to Thingiverse in the future.  Let me know if you want a copy of the .stl's to play with.  Lord knows improvements are need!

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More 3D Items for the TI... 


I refined a keyboard trim bezel from the original cover project...



Complete with a few TI  and overheating Parsec ship.  😉


The bezel is printed in 2 pieces and joined using a gluing jib with Super Glue.  The completed bezel drops into place and doesn't interfere with the keyboard.



I think it really sets off the beige console.  (Although I can see the black and chrome being set off with several cool colors as well!)


I printed it PLA with a filament change where the icon's just started to print.  BTW, this is a fast easy print.  Both the bezel and the jig will be uploaded on Thingiverse.



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