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What is the intended site behaviour when clicking the Date/Time of the most recent comment on a topic?

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I've noticed an inconsistency with site behaviour when the Date/Time of the most recent comment on a topic is clicked when browsing through topic listings.


I'm talking about this:



When I click the Date/Time here, I normally expect to be taken directly to that comment. However, the current forum software operates differently depending on whether I am logged in or not.


When I am logged in, clicking on this Date/Time works as expected.


However, when I am not logged in and just browsing, clicking on this Date/Time link just takes me to the first page of the topic.


Is this the intended behaviour?

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12 minutes ago, spspspsp said:

Is this the intended behaviour?

That's a good question.  I confirmed it works as you described, which is a surprise to me.  But I almost never use the forum without being logged in.  I checked this on Invision's forum as well, and it behaves the same way.  I'll have to ask why it's different if you're not logged in, that doesn't really make any sense to me.



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