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The Genious programing of Montezumas Revenge

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After I disassembled and examined the Colecovision version I have learned so many great ideas on pattern animation and programing.


To start the conversation and relay my observations I will explain it briefly.

The basic concept is that it cycles through the pattern generator changing the address of where the patterns are located with slight differences to only what the programmer wanted animated.

It would have the the static things that do not change which would be the walls, score, rope, ladders.  The fire, treadmill, snakes ect... are changed as it cycles through the pattern location in VRAM.


The interesting part is that these patterns are constantly changing regardless of whether they are present on screen or not.
They have a constant timing and you never have to worry about them.

Create a map table and a room, put your animated patterns wherever you need them and there you go.

How cool is that.




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I should give this game another chance as I originally thought the character moved way too fast and I couldn't get very far.  I played it with a stock CV controller so maybe I should try it again with a different controller.  I think Jumpman Junior has difficulty options that lets you slow down or speed up the character and I wish Montezuma's Revenge had something similar; maybe a hacked version could.  Montezuma's Revenge 8-Bit Edition was released on Nintendo Switch which I think controls a bit better and may be closer to original but I'm not sure.  I guess the speed is what keeps it such a challenging game; not only of the character but of the enemies, traps, etc.  This newer version even has a map function plus a few other extras.  There's also a digital PC version still available for purchase online which was also sold as a limited-edition Montezuma's Revenge themed thumb-drive autographed by its creator.  I can't remember if the Jumpman Junior options adjusts only the player character or also adjust the other moving things on screen as well in parallel.  I'm not sure how this would work with Montezuma's Revenge but it would be interesting to tinker with the speed of just the character but also the speed of the enemies/hazards.  This new 8-Bit Edition has no save-states but does let you select a specific level after you have completed a prior one but I think that's only for one sitting and not for next time you play it.  Some including the game's designer I'm sure think the speed is just fine the way it is.  Miner 2049er also has very fast movements so that may have just been the way it was back and again add difficulty to it.    

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The ColecoVision version of Montezuma's Revenge is definitely faster than the 8-bit/C-64 versions...making it definitely harder.  In Jumpman Junior...the speed setting slows down, or speeds up, everything in the game...not just the player movement.  

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2 hours ago, alekmaul said:

is it possible to share your disassembly version of the game, i'm curious to see how the levels are implemented.

thanks ;)

I haven't completed the disassembly yet.
As soon as it's done I share all my disassembly's unless whomever owns the original code disagrees.
Beyond learning more coding techniques I was planning a level editor so anyone can make fan-made levels.  I also have the same in mind for Miner 2049'er


How's the emulator coming?

Outside of mame yours is the only one I can look deep into the ADAM games.


Currently I am working on improving my pattern routines as well as porting an MSX game that will have to have extra memory or an ADAM to play and I could really use your emulators help.
MAME takes a lot of setup for it's debugger but yours is drag and drop.

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