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Atari 800XL Burn-In U.02

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Curiously, the cartridges change the displayed title to "600 BURN IN U.01" and "600XL U.02 4 HR.", respectively, when you run them on a 16KB machine. Doesn't that mean we should refer to them by the name "600/800XL Burn-In" instead? ;-)

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4 hours ago, jindroush said:

@cx2k John,
there is something at the end of many diagnostic cartridges, which could be initials - FHD and GSA. Is it possible they are signatures of engineers or is it pure coincidence?

Great question. It does seem odd that those letters would be in multiple diagnostic carts. The "initials" don't ring a bell right off the bat, but I'll ask around.


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You could check the D.P.R.S. and see if the Initials match any employees at the time.


as I think, Factory Hardware Division or Department is rattling around in my head, Factory and Field Hardware Diagnostics normally came from thereabouts.

not exactly sure anymore as department and division sometimes seemed interchangeable.

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9 minutes ago, jindroush said:

@cx2k I had some time today to play with it a bit and I'm facepalming hard ;) FHD and GSA are not initials, they are the end of keyboard scan code -> ATASCII conversion table ;)

@jindroush Mystery solved! :)


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