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CX42 Atari 2600 Remote Control Joysticks FCC ID and info


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Information regarding these controllers is out there, but scattered all over the place.  As a result, it's being collated into a single thread here for ease of searching.  Photos follow at the end.


The Atari 2600 Remote Control Joysticks (model number CX42) are a peripheral released in 1983 by Atari for use with any computer or console compatible with Atari's 9-pin joysticks.  The bundle consisted of a receiver and two wireless joysticks.  Power for the receiver was provided by the power supply normally attached to the user's 2600, with a passthrough from the receiver to power the 2600.  The joysticks each require a single 9V battery, with a power switch for turning them on or off.  Antennas are fibreglass whips on both of the joysticks, with the receiver having a telescopic metal unit.  Joysticks are designated as left or right controllers on their base.


Although sold under the Atari name, the units were developed by Cynex, Inc., 28 Sager Pl., Hillside, NJ 07205 for Atari.


A Cynex-branded variant was also sold under the GameMate 2 model name, with the only significant differences between it and the Atari version being a white directional ring and 'TOP' text on the joystick bases, changes to the mouldings to reflect the GameMate 2 name, and the GameMate 2 logo prominently displayed on the front of the receiver where the '2600 Remote Control Joystick' text would have been.  Functionally, the units are identical.  


The receiver and joysticks were each issued their own FCC ID numbers of CKQ78SGM1982R and CKQ78SGM1982T, respectively, on 12/23/1982 for the receiver and 05/23/1983 for the joysticks.  FCC records also indicate both as operating between 49.83 and 49.89 MHz, which translates to 60kHz of RF bandwidth.  This is Channel 22 within the 49MHz band and is typically used for remote control applications, but is also shared with baby monitors, cordless phones, etc.  The grant was in the name of Planum Technology Corporation, 1413 Chestnut Avenue, Hillside, NJ 07205, approximately 1.5 miles away by car from Cynex' office address. These appear to be the only devices for which Planum was granted FCC authorisation.




Atari-branded receiver and joysticks.  Note that the joysticks are the same all-black design as those sold with the 4-switch 'Vader' 2600 models:










Cynex-branded GameMate 2 bundle.  Note that the joysticks have a white directional ring and 'TOP' text:








General shot showing that the joysticks are configured to act as one left and one right controller (left controller not shown):




Warranty card giving Cynex, Inc.'s address:




And, finally, the FCC grant paperwork:









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