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in the dark about PRODOS for the 2GS. Can anyone help?


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Hello. So in the past, I have used a 2e, loaded a ProDOS disk, and was able to easily type print and save BASIC programs. I am trying to do the same simple thing now but on a 2 GS that I now have, and I find it all a little confusing. I have these system disks, utility disks, etc. from the former owner and even AppleWorks and a Copy 2 PLUS floppy... but all I am looking for really is a single PRODOS 3.5 floppy disk for the 2 GS that I can just load right in and start typing, printing and saving BASIC programs as I mentioned I did above with the 2E system.


Can someone explain if what I am trying to do above is possible with a single 3.5 " PRODOS disk for the 2GS system, and if so, where I could find a disk? Do you have a spare?  I assume said disk would also need to contain the BASIC file for programming. It's quite annoying to put in the other disks only to get the dreaded message "Unable to load Prodos" ... or "Unable to find GS.OS file", etc.


I really am a basic (pardon the pun) user here, thus looking for this simple concept.  It would be nice if you emailed me with a little (gentle) schooling on this topic.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, the standard prodos became prodos8 with the IIGS, while prodos16 is at the core of GSOS only.

so any floppy which is prodos-formatted and with basic.system on it, would do - you have to prodos-format a 3.5" disk to have it boot, and put basic.system on it. In fact, whatever .system file is at the top of the catalog list, will be booted once prodos has loaded.

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