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Dragon Chalice (2600) 8 Bit Milli Release

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Wanted get this into peoples hands so I partnered with 8 Bit Milligames for this release of Dragon Chalice for the Atari 2600.




It's a top-down item fetch quest featuring:


* NTSC & PAL60

* 1-2 players (co-op)

* Password save

* 256+ game overworlds each with 4 8x8 screen kingdoms

* %99 Percent Couch Compliant (Game #, password and mode accessible from couch)


Even have a little demo showing off the yellow kingdom!



Zero Page Homebrew blind playthrough of Game #1 here:






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11 hours ago, Gemintronic said:


I didn't publish this but I'm still interested in how it turned out.  Good or bad it's, er, all good feedback :)


First off, they got it shipped out very quickly. I ordered on the 14th and it arrived on the 17th.


The box is a sleeve wrapped around this small mailing box with an insert to keep the cart in place. Seems like it's probably a lower cost way to do a box, but it works and it looks good. Honestly, if I ever self-release another game, I'd look into doing boxes this way.


The labels on the cart look...not great. The main label is too small, leaving a lot of empty space at the bottom. The end label is too large. Not only does it not fit in the recessed area on the cart, it nearly overlaps the front edge.



The manual is small, 4.5 x 5.5, printed on glossy paper.


I didn't expect the quality to be AtariAge level, but for the same price as an AA hombrew, I expected it to be closer. Really though, the only thing I'm disappointed with is the cartridge labels. Most importantly, I'm enjoying playing the game so far and looking forward to spending more time with it.


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