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flickering zeros on 2c screen?


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Hello all. So I just tried to ressurrect my 2c after years. Put the PRODOS disk in the comp's main belly, started her up... but ... on the right side of the screen there is a flickering 0, which then turns to several vertical zeros. Every disk I tried says "UNABLE TO LOAD PRODOS." Since those 0's never appeared and since no disk will load, I obviously concluded there is something wrong with the drive.  Anyone ever heard of this?  Is my diagnosis likely to be correct? Any way around it?


I do have the external drive connected though. Is there any way to tell the computer to completely bypass the main drive upon start up and first route/search for a disk in the external drive?  This way I could bypass the main.

I would just like to see if any disks work in that drive.



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