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RetroMania in Boston, MA this Saturday, June 10th, come check it out! (I'll have a table there)


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Hi everyone, this is the first show I've ever attended as a vendor and I just wanted to get the word out if anyone is around the greater Boston area to stop by Melrose VFW in Melrose, MA and say hi :) 


June 10th, 10am-5pm.    Kids get in free.  Adults $5  



At least 15 vendors will be there selling all kind of retro games and similar interest products.  


I'm bringing my 2600 to have at my table along with 3 other classic consoles with a switchbox for my CRT for folks to try things out.  I'll be featuring my 2600 Controller Couplers among other products.  


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Sadly I cannot be there, but I am very happy to see something happening in New England!


Most of these video game events are too far away for me to even consider attending. Boston is at least reasonable. 

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yea same here.  that's why i really wanted to do what i could to promote it.  hopefully this does well enough Jay will do it again next year or maybe something sooner.  I'll be taking pictures and video to help capture what it is.  I don't have high expectations.  I'm sure it's going to be a humble event.  I mean I wouldn't even have known about it if I hadn't just happened to stop into his store in Boston (second chance games) more or less randomly finding / popping in.  I bought a turbografx joystick and the 5 player splitter while i was there.  


But yea i don't think this guy did much to promote it and i'm going to do what i can to help insure the next one is better, if there is one! :)



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