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Question about value of my C64 collection

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I need to sell my C64 collection.  I just haven't ever used it since the 80s anyway.  It's a white C64, with the box, cables, etc.  I also have the floppy drive, in the box as well, a few boxes of games, and a joystick or two.  I also have a monitor, it's a composite monitor and at one time I had a cable to connect this computer up to it but I didn't see it in the box so I'm assuming it's not there.  Any ideas as to how much all this is worth?  I don't want to just give it away, I'd like to make sure whoever gets it appreciates it.  It's in VERY good condition.

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Photos would help to make that determination.  I've seen boxed C64's go for anywhere between $150 - $300 ish.  1541 drives range from about $50 unboxed, Monitors depending on the model can go for $300-400...  Adding any software, floppies and manuals are all a plus...


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Ok here's some pictures sorry but I'm not sure why the monitor came out blurry.  That's 2 joysticks, there's a couple of random cartridges there too, nothing interesting but I think it's like a DB program or something.  I have the RF cable but I looked again and I can't find the cable to connect the computer to the monitor.






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In normal times, I would gladly fork over $200 for this.  A good condition 64C should pull around $75 - $100, better if includes something like JiffyDOS, and some rubes will pay double for being in the original box.  1541s are plentiful so maybe $50 or $60; again the box could be a multiplier for fools.  These days it seems CRTs are not just more difficult to find in good condition, but also people are demanding premium, almost extortion rate, pricing and people are paying it.


YMMV, of course, and I am not a reliable source.  My purposes for purchasing a setup like this is for use (or exhibition,) so the boxes actually detract from its value for me as I would have to find a place to keep them so my estate can milk some boob.

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