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Build your own Colecovision at home!

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That's right! There is now a project to fully build your own Colecovision. The github repository contains most of the information needed to build your own from scratch.


The idea of this project was to provide a extensive amount of documentation of the system, including the creation of the original PCB's. I used original parts as much as possible, and only varied if parts no longer exist. For instance the RF sub board has a variable tank no longer made. This is substituted with a variable coil plus capacitor.


Project Contents:

  • schematic (kicad 7)
  • PCB (kicad 7)
  • datasheets (PDF)
  • 3D printable case parts (inventor 2024/STL exports)
  • Wiki guides


Console Project: https://github.com/sparkletron/righteous_tentacle_colecovision

Controller Project: https://github.com/sparkletron/Colecovision_Controller


After creating my own schematic I did verify it by using @ChildOfCv schematic as a reference. He did a great job, and saved me a great deal of time (My RF board contained the errors, go figure the easier board!). Special thanks to him for his work. There are minor value differences since mine is based on rev F vs the later rev that his is based on.


The PCB is as 1:1 as I could make it to the original, alterations for DB9 ports, and non-plated hole building were made to make it easier for mills/etching a PCB.


On that note my dream is to turn this into a community project, where people can update the schematic and create a pull request with there revision of the PCB. Creating a complete repository that documents all the revisions.


No there is no step by step on how to assemble and create. If people would like that, make it a pull request on the wiki and will go from there. Some ideas for issue requests are below.

  • PCB creation guide
  • 3D printed parts guide
  • Full assembly guide
  • Controller guide

If anyone wants to help out with the above let me know!


The wiki page https://github.com/sparkletron/righteous_tentacle_colecovision/wiki/Tear-Down-Notes describes the tear down process.


Parts listing for purchasing: https://github.com/sparkletron/righteous_tentacle_colecovision/wiki/Detailed-Part-Listing-For-Orders


Documentation of various signals: https://github.com/sparkletron/righteous_tentacle_colecovision/wiki/Testing-and-Verification


A few other minor notes, no I will not be selling any boards and I won't be selling any parts in general for this. This is for the community to enjoy and do with as they wish.





Pics Incoming...


- 3D printed case, with 3D printed controllers.


- Inside of the 3D printed case.


- Completed PCB during testing (created using a PCB mill).


- RF cage open


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16 minutes ago, Pixelboy said:

This looks nice. Does it fit inside an actual ColecoVision console plastic casing?  :)


Yes it does! It is an exact duplicate of the original PCB. Holes have been tested to fit.


Reset switch may work in the original, need to test that in the coming week.


Power switch almost works (original power switch will work, replacement is a bit off in length).

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