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External Altirra Debugger Help

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I've written a python script to lightly convert the file containing all the debugger .help entries to HTML.


Having it external means I can figure out the command I want without disrupting my trace session output.


I've attached the script and the resulting file for the 4.10 release.


It was created like this:

python dbghelptohtml.py -e ~/dev/altirra4.10source > Altirra410DebugHelp.html


The '-e' causes the script to extract the version number from the source tree to put in the titles. This will only be accurate for release versions.


When converting a test build you'll have to provide the version number via '-v' because the version info is only updated upon release:

python dbghelptohtml.py -v 4.20-test15 ~/dev/altirra4.20-test15source > test15debughelp.html


Or you can leave them both off and have no version number.


dbghelptohtml.py Altirra410DebugHelp.html

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That's pretty handy.  Agreed it is disruptive doing the help inline with commands you are running.

Might be nice if that could be incorporated into the program itself.  The inbuilt help doesn't seem to have the command specific stuff for debug.

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10 hours ago, DjayBee said:

Oh and there's a copy/paste error:


.tracesio Toggle SIO call tracing

Logs calls to the operating system's Serial Input/Output (CIO) facility.

That's in the original file. I saw it and reported it. It's now correct in 4.20-test15.

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