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Using Score Digits as Sprites


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So, using Al_Nafurs technique I was able to use 0, 4, 8 and C as sprite data.  But, since I no not what I be do, I can't figure out how to set the pointers for the other digits.  So far this is what I got:


 When a is 0/$00 then I get sprite data for "0"
 When a is 32/$20 then I get sprite data for "4"
 When a is 64/$40 then I get sprite data for "8"
 When a is 96/$60 then I get sprite data for "C"


 const _Pxhi_ScrSprite = >scoretable
 const _Pxlo_ScrSprite = <scoretable


 player1pointerlo = _Pxlo_ScrSprite + a
 player1pointerhi = _Pxhi_ScrSprite + a






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scoretable is where the score digit data starts, starting at digit 0. Each digit is 8 lines long, one byte per line, so each digit after 0 is 8 bytes more, up to adding 72 for digit 9. Anything after 9 depends on what you have defined, e.g. hex digits or symbols.


You should have to only add a to player1pointerlo and not player1pointerlo as the scoretable data is page-aligned, and the high byte wouldn't increment within the range of the score digits.

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