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Original Game Ideas

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this was the original game I was working on before I realized my ideas were too big to program....




Right now I'm in a band so practicing music takes up all my free time so I have not been programming. I would live to get back on this game some day, or if anyone want to pick up where I left off I will donate what little code I wrote and my design document.  Heck, carlsson even wrote a wonderful rendition of the Chariots of Fire theme music for the title screen,

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On 6/24/2023 at 4:36 PM, cmadruga said:

All right, I will shut up.

But I'm still not clear on what is "original" 🙂



Maybe "original" can have a number attached, like if less than 100 people know about it, then it qualifies. 


Like when you make this game on the Inty, you can say it is "original" and no one will know the difference. :) 



(btw please make this game haha)


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22 hours ago, First Spear said:


Maybe "original" can have a number attached, like if less than 100 people know about it, then it qualifies. 


Like when you make this game on the Inty, you can say it is "original" and no one will know the difference. :) 



(btw please make this game haha)


Oh dear!  I think I remember that game.  So, does that mean I am qualified to claim "unoriginality"?  I better go into hiding!!!



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I should have jumped into this thread sooner, but I consider "original ideas" to be my raw material, and so I want to do this justice.  But I sat on this discussion far too long by now.


Although X-Ray is based on a board game, DILLIGAS is something I would consider an original idea, or close to it.  FUBAR maybe not so much, except for the fact I put a lot of my own original mechanics into it.


I thought Little Man Computer was unique is that it was a learning title which put the Tutorvision hardware differences to good use.  Even if it's not a game, I take pride in the fact it's a unique idea for jzIntv users.


Other works of mine were ports of titles so obscure, I didn't expect anybody to beat me to it.  That includes SameGame, Robots (Daleks), Blix, Hunt the Wumpus, and RobotFindsKitten.  I shouldn't be surprised that somebody else brought Sokoban to Intellivision by now.  Chocolate Mine is definitely an original idea though.


There are a few other original ideas I had in mind.  I'm being deliberately vague here:


At the top of the list are more 4-player party games.  I have a couple more in mind.

One involves putting NES R.O.B. to optional use.  This might dovetail with the idea of having a hybrid video/board game.

A couple ideas for the ECS keyboard.

A rhythm game for the ECS Music Synthesizer.  I didn't realize there would be an actual market for Melody Blaster II.

Games where you hold the controller sideways and use the four keypad rows (now columns) as independent switches, namely for old vector-based arcade games with LRTF controls, such as Star Castle.

Expanding on that last one, something like Space War, but in split-screen, using clever programming to simulate two independently-scrolling game windows.

Something using "polar coordinates" where the player object is stationery in the center of the screen, and all other objects rotate on the screen as you steer left/right.  Apparently real-time Trigonometry is part of JLP's expansion of the CPU instruction set, but I would like to know more about this.

Another learning game, which teaches the player to hack part of the game's code to fix bugs in order to progress through, starting with the level design, and then moving on to simple game mechanics.  A little like Mr. BASIC Meets Bits & Bytes, but in a dozen or more stages, with a story wrapped around it all.


This is what comes immediately to mind.  I can dig deeper into notes from early brainstorm sessions from back when I was still in Graduate School, but I think this is a decent start.

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I just heard of this kids game called Cones. It's kind of like handball but instead of a goal there are cones at the end of a court that have to be knocked over by throwing a ball at them. I had a thought that it could be adapted to a game.


Three or four cones are spread out at the left and right edges of the screen.  The offensive player comes up to half court and throws the ball at one of the cones to knock it over while the defensive player tries to either block, deflect, or catch the ball.  Because of the choice of cones to aim for, the defensive player has to be open to all shot possibilities.


After an offensive shot is made, the defensive player then becomes the offensive player and tries to knock down a cone on the other side of the screen. The first person to knock down all four cones wins the round. Best two out of three rounds wins the match?


Game can either be two players, one player or the game plays itself.


The ball can be thrown in any forward direction, even bounce off the top and bottom of the screen for extra angles. 


The ball has to hit at least half of the cone to knock it over.  Simply grazing it is not good enough.  I don't know if that's possible in game programming.


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