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Combine Two 4k Games Using F8 Bankswitching

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I'm trying to copy two 4k games together and launch the last game from the first 4k game using F8 bank switching.


I used the DOS/Windows command prompt to combine the separate binaries:


COPY /B /Y bank1.bin + bank2.bin f8game.bin               


I had partial success doing a:

  LDA $1FF8


But the second 4k game does not appear to start cleanly and appears soft locked.


Any clues as to what I'm missing?


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The most important thing when switching banks is to make sure you know where you're going to end up.


If you want a "clean" start after bankswitching, you'll probably want to do a:



...to execute the reset vector of the second game.  That jump instruction should be done immediately after the LDA $1FFx,

BUT it'll need to be located in the bank you're switching to, at the appropriate address.

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