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Introducing the Aquarius+


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Aquarius+ Logo


Here are the system features, at a glance:

  • 512kb of banked RAM
  • Color sprites
  • Color tile maps
  • Fully editable character set
  • Bitmapped mode with "cell-based" color changes between foreground and background
  • 6 voices of sound (2 virtual AY-3-8910 chips supported), sent out through 3mm stereo jack.
  • SD card storage
  • Wifi and Bluetooth capable through ESP32 module
  • Dual DB9 ports to support legacy Aquarius Control Pads, Atari joysticks and paddles, Amiga mouse, Intellivision II controllers, and others (switchable via IO)
  • Full legacy Expansion port to support ROM cartridges
  • Backwards compatible with all original Aquarius software
  • Software updates via SD card
  • VGA output
  • USB keyboard input
  • Legacy cassette and printers supported through modern 3mm audio jacks (no more scrambling for outdated DIN cables, just grab a standard one from your junk drawer!)
  • Real Z80 processor
  • Hardware core completely rewritable and open source


Full details at https://github.com/fvdhoef/aquarius-plus


Current Status:

  • Rev1 of the hardware works, but has expansion port issues
  • Rev2 of the hardware has arrived, but the core image is in development
  • MacOS and Windows emulators available


A few more images...


Aquarius+ rev1 board (working!)


Aquarius+ rev2 prototype board, missing Z80, power switch, and expansion bus

case v17 crop.png

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Updated case: removed unused USB ports on front, reworked the beauty line around the LED and the SD card slot, added an FDM version of the top with two small rafts across the "racing stripes" to help hold them down until they join with the main body of the case.

case v25 crop.png

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Hardware Update


I'm gearing up for a build of between 10-50 units, but the supplier is waiting for parts.


I'll post when units are available for sale, and I'm also working on a how-to video for would-be resellers to order their own.


- Sean

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