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Sadgirlrecords.com sells Atari to Astrocade joystick converters

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I found searching the internet this one place called sadgirlrecords.com


What would interest the classic video game Community is that she can make on demand Atari to Astrocade controller converters (works for the joystick only.  No paddle games will work with this.) As well as Atari to Odyssey 2 converters.


Obviously for the Odyssey converters you need an odyssey with detachable controllers.


I literally just ordered 5 minutes ago.  It'll get here by Friday and I'll see if my fight stick works with an Edladdin Seagull 78, and assuming it's just a pure physical wire rerouting connector with no circuits in the middle, it should hook straight up to an Astrocade no problem.


I'll update you in a week when I get it.

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I wasn't sure if this post was legitimate, neither was AtariAge, as the post had to be approved.  The Astrocade adapter is listed on the site.  It sells for $11.11 (an odd price), here:




Does anyone know who makes these adapter?  I mean, who is Sad Girl Records?



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I'm very familiar with the O2 adapter, as I originally came across it on Mercari before navigating to their own website to save some money. I only purchased one of the O2 adapters about a year or so ago but they sent me two and they work great! I did see where they made an Astrocade adapter but didn't see the point, personally, as I love the original Astrocade controller!

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