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Posted under the atari io site, Kelly "PCL" Jones has created a remake of the game Drelbs from the 8-bit line. 

Attached is a ROM and an applicable pdf manual.


*Edit: An updated pdf manual is available from this post.


Drelbs (4000) (20230709) (2BE9C72D).a78


As stated in the aforementioned link, it is a 32K ROM with POKEY@4000, like Ballblazer.

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Nice. Looking forward to trying this. 


The original manual on Archive.org is my scan. Nice to see it is being used. And nice updated manual to whomever made it. Maybe they should make the date 2023.

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Drelbs was one of those "weird in a good way" games, that I kept going back to as a kid.


This remake feels entirely like the original, but with a lovely facelift. Really well done - great job, Kelly!

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Drelbs (4000) (20230724) (EE4CCE69).a78


As mentioned in the respective post:

"I added 2 button support, so it should be playable with the Turbo 2000 in 7800 mode plus a few logic changes for when the hearts/diamonds appear and how long the Drebish Windows stay in place, to closer match the A8 original."


Aforementioned manual is available to download.

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Drelbs on tomorrw's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!



After Dark:



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I love this game. Especially the charming graphics, and that it's a maze game where the player basically sets/abuses the maze.

It seems the original may have had some xl compatibility issues, which is probably why I missed out on it BITD.


Anyway, is it just me or is the kiss mechanic a little broken?

  • It seems to be the same score bonus as moving to harder rounds(?), so why do that?
  • It's easy to get stuck inadvertently kiss/score-farming. Especially for beginners who maybe don't even know how to progress.
  • the player-reset function of the kiss can be relied upon to get players out of trouble.
  • That reset can also effectively turn the game into 5-10 second position reset loops with a jackpot bonus at the end.

Is there a motivation to move forward into later rounds? Like maybe a round# multiplier on the kiss/completion bonus, acting as a carrot to move on.  It's possible that I'm not getting far enough to see it, but the manual doesn't seem to indicate one. I think some score tweaking could really benefit this one. 

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