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Posted under the atari io site, Kelly "PCL" Jones has created a remake of the game Drelbs from the 8-bit line. 

Attached is a ROM and an applicable pdf manual.


*Edit: An updated pdf manual is available from this post.


Drelbs (4000) (20230709) (2BE9C72D).a78


As stated in the aforementioned link, it is a 32K ROM with POKEY@4000, like Ballblazer.

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Drelbs (4000) (20230724) (EE4CCE69).a78


As mentioned in the respective post:

"I added 2 button support, so it should be playable with the Turbo 2000 in 7800 mode plus a few logic changes for when the hearts/diamonds appear and how long the Drebish Windows stay in place, to closer match the A8 original."


Aforementioned manual is available to download.

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Drelbs on tomorrw's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!



After Dark:



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I love this game. Especially the charming graphics, and that it's a maze game where the player basically sets/abuses the maze.

It seems the original may have had some xl compatibility issues, which is probably why I missed out on it BITD.


Anyway, is it just me or is the kiss mechanic a little broken?

  • It seems to be the same score bonus as moving to harder rounds(?), so why do that?
  • It's easy to get stuck inadvertently kiss/score-farming. Especially for beginners who maybe don't even know how to progress.
  • the player-reset function of the kiss can be relied upon to get players out of trouble.
  • That reset can also effectively turn the game into 5-10 second position reset loops with a jackpot bonus at the end.

Is there a motivation to move forward into later rounds? Like maybe a round# multiplier on the kiss/completion bonus, acting as a carrot to move on.  It's possible that I'm not getting far enough to see it, but the manual doesn't seem to indicate one. I think some score tweaking could really benefit this one. 

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