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Super game module lower 8k ram error?


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Having implemented the SGM in my emulator last year, enabling the lower 8K will swap out the existing BIOS and map in the 8K of RAM in its place. By default, that 8K region is the BIOS and it must be enabled for RAM programmatically.


Basically a program writes to Port 60h to tell the system if we should switch out the 8K BIOS for 8K of more RAM (brining the SGM up to 32K total).

From this post, it does appear that the quick bios must be disabled for this Port 60h to work correctly.



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Yours is newer than mine in all departments, apart from the menu.  I bought mine around a year ago, maybe a little longer.


I menu on the SD card is cvsdos.sto, which is much older than mine. 

Have a look in the firmware backup folder on your SD card, should be cvsdos.sto for your firmware version.

I'd copy the existing file somewhere safe before overwriting it with the newer one, just to be safe.

I've never done this before, so it's at your risk!




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