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NEW GAME : Vectral


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Hello everyone.

We're super mega proud to present our first Vectrex game: Vectral.


Some of you may know us as publishers of games for ColecoVision, Intellivision and MSX among others, but we've long wanted to publish on the great Vecvtrex machine.


So here's Vectral, a compilation featuring Honey + Nuka Bomb + Wireout-RE 2X.


►the game here◄







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Benoit, the developer, has extensively revised his program. Notable additions and modifications include:
- Significantly increased speed. Hence the title! ;)
- All transitions are smoother, including bends (the first Wireouts were a bit jerky in curves).
- Added short jumps in some circuits. When the player takes them too slowly, he falls and it's game over!
- Added new scenery elements, such as dark tunnels and dirt trenches, for variety and to distract the player.


The two other games on the cartridge, Honey and Nuka Bomb, take very original use of the Light Pen. and Honey offers a two-player mode (one with Light Pen, the other with joystick. And it is possible to exchange roles during a game!). And don't forget the deep making-of to know all things about the genesis of this project and the encyclopedic sheets!


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Due to some questions about this release of Future Vector's Vectral, we have made a teaser to show you in action what's inside this beautiful physical edition! Enjoy your viewing!
The official website page (in English but exists also in French and Spanish): Côté Gamers VECTRAL (Vectrex)

And don't forget to take a look at the encyclopedia vol.1 dedicated to the Vectrex ;)  Vectrex encyclopedia vol.1






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