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Monster Land (Popeye Hack)


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Creatures from classic literature, movies or role playing games (RPG) face each other in this game.
That's them, Frankenstein's monster, the Watcher, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

You must once again recover Frankenstein's body parts that were taken by the flying creature, the Watcher.
They are vital items for the survival of Frankenstein's monster, such as the brain, heart and lungs.

The creature from the black lagoon will do anything to stop you in your success. The hyper green ray concentrated in the pot invented by Doctor Frankenstein is the only item that will give you enormous strength to temporarily defeat the aquatic monster.

Captura de tela em 2023-07-30 22-07-25.png

Captura de tela em 2023-07-30 22-08-04.png

Captura de tela em 2023-07-30 22-06-31.png

Captura de tela em 2023-07-30 22-05-20.png

Captura de tela em 2023-07-30 22-08-48.png

Captura de tela em 2023-07-30 22-08-48.png

Captura de tela em 2023-07-30 22-55-23.png

Monster Land (NTSC).bin Monster Land (PAL).bin

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