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Location of power LED on TT computer

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I didn't check where the power LED plugs into the TT computer motherboard when I opened it up.  Can anyone post a picture or a description of where the power LED plugs into the motherboard?

If it matters, the motherboard appears to be a revision 199u.

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I found the correct jumper spot right where your picture showed.  Now I'm just waiting for a new LED to replace the one that was there.  The metal post that the LED was on was all corroded and looks like it damaged the LED itself. The same thing appears to have happened to the drive indicator LED.  There is a topic on this from a few years back that seems to show that this was a common problem with the TTs.  I ordered replacement LEDs on Amazon (didn't get the 2 day delivery that the ad showed and am still waiting on the items).  The rubber grommets that I ordered came really quickly.  The only problem was they came as a bag of 100 (maybe I'll make some kind of art work from all of the extras).  


I'll post how the replacement worked when they come.  I've also made an extension from the pin spot on the motherboard since it is in a very tight to access location.

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