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[STILL OPEN - PLAY NOW!] Lynx High Score Club 2023: Round 7 - Switchblade II and Lexis

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Atari Lynx High Score Club



HSC rules


This round we’ll be playing Switchblade II for the first time since 2010 in honor of this year's release of the game on Jaguar!
We'll also be playing one of the first prototype retail games to be completed and released on the Lynx, Lexis! I think you will have an advantage if you have the retail cart.

Round Over: Friday September 1 (full points), Sunday October 1st (rank points only) 2023 12:01am US Pacific


Switchblade II


Manual / instructions / discussion: https://atariage.com/manual_html_page.php?SoftwareID=2420 / 2010 discussion with tips

Settings - N/A

HSC Record: @EricDeLee: 82,540

Description: Journey through caverns, finding secrets, collecting money, buying upgrades, and just trying to stay alive!

Bonus Challenge: Two ranking points for every level you complete! That's two ranking points for getting to level 2, four for getting to level 3, all the way up to a whopping 12 for beating the game!



1. @MichaG - 26590

2. @jgkspsx - 25990

3. @jeremiahjt - 24440

4. @Ninjabba - 23490

5. Your name here!




The cartridge from @Songbird I believe fixes some bugs that the original prototype has that makes it hard to do well. Or maybe it's just that hard. In any case, you can use the prototype rom if you want, but I recommend the Songbird release.


Manual / instructions / discussion: https://atariage.com/manual_thumbs.php?SoftwareID=2440

Download link: you're on your own, but you can buy the cart here: https://songbird-productions.com/product/lexis/


Settings: Pages/challenge 0/drop width 0/skill 1. Start from page 1. I'm not sure if warps throw off scoring but let's try it and see how it goes.

HSC Record: First year!

Description: Try to spell out words according to the rules of each page, which could be length, direction, or orientation. Remember you can spell words backwards!

Bonus Challenge: Score 25000 points for two ranking points.




1. @Ninjabba - 36850

2. @jgkspsx - 31350

3. @MichaG - 21200

4. Your name here!

5. Your name here!


* Achieved bonus points


Current season point standings:


Name Total Total Retail Total Indie
agradeneu 325 100 200
JagChris 285 285 0
jblenkle 115 90 0
jeremiahjt 793 597 196
jgkspsx 1291 597 694
KidGameR186496 127 102 0
MichaG 1263 566 672
Ninjabba 695 278 392
OldAtAtari 102 0 102
Rick Dangerous 1050 474 576
Songbird 127 0 102
thegoodwillgamer 113 88 0
tripled79 211 92 94


Any corrections please post. Please put your score in text in your post please to make my life a little easier. Thanks for joining us!

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My scores for this round:


Lexis: 36850

Switchblade 2: 23490




I'll definitely give Switchblade 2 a few more tries, but I gotta admit I do not like Lexis at all.. at higher speed the edges of the screen are not reachable as hard as I try to move (very uncontrollable) and though the score looks alright I didn't focus for a second on creating words; just strategically placing vowels and consonants created words I do not have in my English vocabulary.

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Lexis would benefit from a few more pixels across, but I really enjoy it. It’s important to keep the stack low. Although you scored way more than me so maybe I shouldn’t be giving advice!

What I found in the prototype version was that after level 10 random letters started appearing everywhere every time I placed a letter, completely ruining my well laid plans. I don’t think that happens in my cartridge version.


It is almost impossible to clear dead letters. It would benefit a lot from some kind of bomb.

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58 minutes ago, jgkspsx said:

Extending full poiints until Tuesday, September 5 - @Rick Dangerous, @agradeneu, @JagChris, @jblenkle, @KidGameR186496, @Songbird, @thegoodwillgamer, and @tripled79, I hope you can join us for these fun games!

I've played Lynx Switchblade II from time to time. I'll give it a shot! Of course, i swear right here on this post that i will not use save states whatsoever on the Wii emulator. I want to do it fair and square, just like i did with Robotron 👍

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Added further explanation
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