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Moving Sale! Furrtek NEO GEO Front Loader CD / Pc games accessories

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Assorted pc games and accessories: Make me an offer, you likely won’t be refused. Needs to all go.

Ocean blue import ps2 with two controllers, matching clear blue vertical stand, memory card and cables. Cables allow for guncon light guns. Instant collection! Forty One games, all shown below. Fighting game and arcade game lover's dream. 



Extremely beautiful console set in mint condition. Comes with two rare super comfortable shuttle controllers, system, Retro Gaming Cables RGBS BNC cables, power adapter and Terraonion SupernSD system 3 plus bonus SD card! Runs all cd and hucard games, along with the. Elusive Supergrafx games. All through the super sd system 3!



NEO GEO CD Model 1 Front Loader with Furrtek SD mod. No more slow load times and no more expensive games! Neo geo CD model 1 professionally modded to load games off sd card through the furrtek kit. Comes with sd card, system in mint condition, fully modded and ready to go! No controllers included. Disc drive has been modded to no longer open despite it technically working, albeit very loudly.



Sega 3D Classics Collection SEALED for 3DS Import



PSP Mega Man Rockman Powered Up Import











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8 minutes ago, Charlie Cat said:

@Cobra Strike Down


Oh-No! Hate to see you sell that Neo Geo CD front loader beauty Cobra. It's really is a crowning piece in your collection. So many great conversations we had regarding it for sure bro. But of course, hope to see a successful sale towards. :thumbsup: :)



Don't worry, I'm going full arcade mode on my end once I move. Your stuff still proudly sits on my shelf, er...well, it's being packed haha, but you get my point. Don't worry, still countless matches of League Bowling ahead of me!

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