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Multiple Sharp x68000 XVI, Expert, and ACE Systems for Sale.

Steven Pucci

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I have a total of 3 XVI's for sale at the moment along with a bunch of other models.

2 of the XVIs are interesting as one had custom work done to it and has a CD-ROM and SCSI 3.5 floppy alongside the 2 5.25 drives.

The second has the Sharp Xpander unit which expands the available I/O slots by 2 for a total of 4 and includes its own power.
I have never seen one in the wild before!  


See below for current listings on Ebay and I am open to Paypal only sales to save us both some on taxes.  


SHARP X68000 XVI Custom 4MB - PSU/Batt Replaced Tested and Working


SHARP X68000 EXPERT HD 4MB Zulu SCSI2SD PSU/Batt Replaced Tested


SHARP X68000 Math Co-Processor BoardCZ-68PI - Tested and working


Sharp X68030 32-bit 12MB RAM + Math Co-Board CZ-6BP1 - MC68881 FPU - Working!


SHARP X68000 Pro +Keyboard - PSU Replaced - Tested/Working


SHARP X68000 EXPERT 2MB Zulu SCSI2SD PSU/Batt Replaced


All Original SHARP X68000 - 2MB - Tested and Working


Sharp x68000 OEM FDD - Tested/Working


Sharp X68000 Lagoon - NOS - Tested and Working. Includes Manual, Map, Sticker.

SHARP X68000 GKA-68AT PS/2 Adaptor


All systems have been repaired, cleaned, drives serviced, PS and BATT replaced and soft power is functional.
I am a long standing and trusted Ebay Seller and moderator on /r/retrogaming and the retrogaming network.

Everything has been tested and will be retested before shipment. 


Please let me know if you have any questions and I am happy to help with any technical questions you might have.


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