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Bally Astrocade Repro Keyboard Overlays


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24 minutes ago, kevates said:

Does anybody make/ sell keyboard overlays for Bally Astrocade?

Looking for something more durable than the paper one I printed out.


Not that I've ever seen, on rare occasions I have seen just the overlays show up on eBay, but honestly it might just be cheaper to pick up another BASIC cart, they're usually pretty cheap. 

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18 hours ago, kevates said:

Does anybody make/ sell keyboard overlays for Bally Astrocade?


I have never seen reproduction keypad overlays for the Astrocade, but if anyone makes one, then these would be handy.  The BallyBASIC/AstroBASIC and the Scribbling overlays are common, but all of the other ones are very rare.


I'm curious about the overlay that you printed.  Did you cut out the 24 individual holes or make six, wide cutouts of the whole row of four buttons?  I've also made overlays for myself and I'm not even sure that the holes for the keys need to be available, as you can press the keys right through the paper.


I presume you downloaded the picture of the overlay from my website here:




These pictures were added to the site probably two decades ago.  It's funny that I have 150dpi and 300dpi versions of the overlays on the site to make downloading them easier for people will slow Internet connections.  One day, I should probably add a 600DPI version of the Bally BASIC overlay in PNG format so that it looks better when it is printed.



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