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FS: My PS1 JAP games


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Hi all,


I am selling all my playstation 1 Japanese games. All have at least the spin card but Warriors of Fate 2 doesn't.

Prices are in euros (shipping from France) and I will ship mostly to the EU unless it is a few games purchased together.


Payment by paypal (prices might change if the currency is not euros because of extra paypal fee).

I will try to ship as soon as possible.


Do not hesitate for any quesitons.


Coffret You'ren under arrest: 30 euros
Coffret Tokimeki Memorial 2 : 100 euros
Tokimeki Forever With you: 10 euros
Tokimeki Memorial Private Collection: 10 euros
Tokimekia Memorial Taisen Pazurudama: 10 euros
Tokimekia Memorial (puzzle game): 10 euros
Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Leaping School festial: 20 euros
Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Memories Ring on : 20 euros
Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Dancing Summer vacations (new): 60 euros
The Prince of Tennis: 20 euros
Lighting Legend: 80 euros
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2002: 20 euros
Warriors of Fate 2: 70 euros
Strider 1 et 2: 80 euros
BIohazard 3: 20 euros
Summer Holiday 20th century (???): 15 euros
Aubidforce: 10 euros
Zanac X Zanac: 200 euros
Umihara Kawase: Shun: 30 euros
Fatal Fury Realbout Special Dominated Mind: 80 euros
Wip3OUt: 40 euros (payment pending)
Ridge Racer Type 4: 20 euros
Ridge Racer . 10 euros
Ridge Racer Revolution: 10 euros
Mad Stalker: VENDU
Panzer Bandit: 130 euros (payment pending)
R-type I II: 30 euros (payment pending)
Gran Doll: 80 euros (payment pending)
Samurai Showdown Warriors Rage 2: 20 euros
Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: 10 euros
Omega Boost: 40 euros (payment pending)
Macross VFX2: 10 euros
Abe a Gogo: 30 euros
MegaTudo 2096: 10 euros
Panzer Warfare: 10 euros
Bokan Gogogo: 40 euros
Tobal 2: 25 euros
SpeedPower Gunbike: VENDU
Biohazard 2: 15 euros (payment pending)
Doki DOki Pretty League2 : 20 eurpos
Kof 96: 15 euros
Kof 98: 20 euros
Kof Kyo: 20 euros
Toshinden 2 Plus: 20 euros
CvS Pro: 90 euros
SHin Kidousenki Gundamwing The Battle (simple vol.13) 10 euors
Soul Edge: 15 euros
Ranma 1/2: 30 euros
Hokuto No Ken: 30 euros
Tekken 1: 5 euros (payment pending)
Gear Fighter Dendoh: 30 euros
Pop'n'tanks: 50 euros
Wildroid 9: 15 euros
R-tyoes Delta: 50 euros
Raiden DX: 50 euros (payment pending)
Elemental Gearbout: 40 euros
Strikers 1945 II: VENDU
Gamer 2000: 70 euros
GekiOh: 70 euros (payment pending)
Time Crisis 1: 10 euros
Don-Pachi: 40 euros (payment pending)
Raystorm/raycrisis: 30 euros
EinHander: 50 euros
IS Internal Section: 40 euros
X2: 70 euros
Doom: 25 euros (payment pending)
Puyo Puyo 4: 20 euros
Tokimeki Memorial Taisen 2 : 50 euros
Tales of Fandom vol.1: 20 euros
Lupin Salad: 80 euros
U-SA: 20 euros
Super Puzzle Fighter : 20 euros
Art Truck Battle: 20 euros
Racing Lagoon: 70 euros
High School Kimegumi: 20 euros
Bakuretsu Soccer: 50 euros
Captain Tsubasa J: 40 euros
Captain Tsubasa Araranaru Dentsu: 40 euros
No Appointement Gals Olympios: 30 euros
Dr.Slump: 40 euros
Little Big Adventure: 30 euros
Klaymen: 30 euros
Tomb raiden 2: 10 euros (payment pending)
Fun Fun Pingu: 30 euros
??? Door to Phantomvil: 30 euros
Gradius Gaiden PsOne Books: 50 euros
Metal Slug PS One BOOKS: 100 euros
Castlevania Symphony of the nigh Ps One Books: 8'0 euros
Metal Gear Solid Ps One Books: 20 euors
Parodius Deluxe Ps one books: 30 euros
???? Taisen PS One Books: 30 euros
Love Hina (new): 20 euros
Alice in Cyberland (new) : 30 euros
Vanark (new): 70 euros
BLUE Legend of Water (new): 70 euros





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