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Atari Flashback V3 and V4

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No. The Atari Flashbacks came in 4-5 major varieties.


AFB 1 is a Nintendo on a chip. It plays NES games and includes a dozen or so 2600 ports.


AFB 2 is an Atari on a chip. These can be modified to play most real carts.


AFB 3-7 (and 8, non-HDMI) these were the start of emulation being used. These systems were built off an ARM processor with custom software written to run the emulator and the game selection menu. It would be near impossible to modify the custom software (without source code) to load different roms.


AFB 8 gold (w/HDMI) these were the start of the Android based systems. I believe someone hacked one to add a USB port to the motherboard to load additional 2600 roms. There is no easy way to hack these. (Although I believe the Gold version had an SD card slot)


AFB 9, X, 50th these are all android based, and easy to hack. They all use similar motherboards and chips with similar firmware (but not identical, so when flashing make sure you have the right one)

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Not very important, but to clarify...


The AFB 8 Gold came in 3 versions (Deluxe/paddles and Activision editions), had RF wireless controllers, HDMI connectivity but no SD slot or other expansion.  These were Android-based.  The boards have a USB header that is not connected, and a couple of people have soldered a working USB port on these.  You can add a few games, but it is pretty limited how many it can accept without issues.  This unit first featured save states and rewind, available on subsequent consoles.


The AFB 9 has improved wireless controllers, an SD expansion slot, HDMI, and is actually Linux-based, not really Android.  Probably the easiest unit to expand with extra games.  Came in Gold and non-Gold HDMI editions, but no paddles (they don't work correctly on this unit anyway).


The AFB X and 50th have a new more retro/mini housing, wired controllers only, HDMI and no SD slot.  They can be expanded with a USB storage device and an OTG cable.  I think they both come in Gold and non-Gold versions, Gold with paddles.  The software is pretty similar to the AFB 9 and is similarly hackable.


Older devices (3-7 and maybe the AFB 8 ) use an okay-ish custom AtGames emulator.  AFB 9, X, 50th use a Stella 3.x libretro core that, while not latest and greatest for that emu, works pretty well for these devices.


Anyway I do not think it would be very easy/possible or worth the effort to mod AFB 3-7.  While not exactly cheap, the latest AFB 50th is still available and is probably your best bet.  A used AFB X or 9 might be cheaper.  I prefer the AFB 9 for the SD and nice wireless controllers myself, but X or 50th would be better for paddles and maybe aesthetics.

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