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New 2600 Homebrew Game Panic III: Parcel Success Edition Signed and Numbered(Next Available at PRGE and TORG)


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I have decided to sell a limited supply of my latest homebrew release:  Game Panic III: Parcel Success on this forum.   I have about 10 copies that I can offer at this time.   This is part of the first 55 that will come in a clear plastic case.   I am offering to ship these to the US only.   The cost is $50.00 shipped.   Below is the link to what you will be receiving.   The first 10 who respond to this sales thread will be messaged with payment info.   Please understand that this is a homebrew item and there will be slight imperfections versus a professionally produced game.  I will edit this post when I have received 10 orders paid.   Payment is made through paypal.   I will ship out in a bubble mailer within a few days of payment.   Thanks!



Please note that the number on the copy purchased is chosen at random.   No requests are taken at this time.  

1.  eebuckeye **paid**

2.  Teleprompter  **paid**

3.  Socrates63  **paid**

4.  Gray Defender **paid**

5.  bfstats  **paid**

6.  dwh  **paid**

7.  Imich391 **paid**

8.  Killjoyy27  **paid**

9.  mianrctv  **paid**

10.  bent_pin  **paid**


Game Panic.JPG

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3 hours ago, Skwrl63 said:

Will there be chances later on to purchase copies as well (for those of us who can't attend the shows).


If so I may wait......

I cant guarantee that I will offer a lot of these like this.   I try to only sell online if there were some extras that did not sell at an expo.   This year I have attended 8 around the United States and Canada, with next year expected to even be busier.   I bring these games to expos to sell in person, as it is a lot easier.   

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All ten copies have been accounted for.   To ensure that I have enough at two upcoming shows this year, I will be selling Game Panic III at PRGE and TORG at both shows.   In the event that I have extra, I will offer them here and open up another 10 or so copies after this expo.  I am NOT taking preorders at this time.  

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