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Officially Licensed Naughty Boy and Exerion for ColecoVision


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Before we proceed with an official press release, we're thrilled to unveil some news regarding a lineup of new ColecoVision games slated for release in 2024.

Under a recently established license agreement, Opcode Electronics, LLC has gained access to Jaleco's treasure trove of arcade and Famicom/NES games. This pivotal agreement empowers Opcode Electronics, LLC to develop, produce, and distribute these games in cartridge format, tailored for vintage platforms like ColecoVision, MSX/MSX2, Atari 7800, Intellivision, and beyond.

Leading the charge for the upcoming year, the first pair of titles set to hit the shelves in 2024 are the timeless arcade classics "Naughty Boy" and "Exerion." These iconic games were originally brought to the American audience by Cinematronics (1982) and Taito (1983) respectively. Notably, while "Naughty Boy" made a solitary appearance on the obscure Casio PV-1000, "Exerion" found its way onto the SG-1000, MSX, and Famicom platforms. 

Stay tuned as we unveil further details..



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Fun fact: Phoenix and Naughty Boy may be connected in more than one way. They both share the same video hardware, but it is possible they were both programmed by the same company. Still investigating. Two more games share the same hardware and many similarities, from coding style to graphics: Pleiades and Pop Flamer. We know that Pleiades is a Tehkan (later Tecmo) game, and Pop Flamer is another Jaleco game, but that was common practice back in the day for arcade makers in Japan to subcontract. Phoenix on the other hand seems to be an original design that was later licensed and sublicensed to Amstar/Century and Taito, so the original developer is still a mystery to this day. But I suspect it could be the same developer as Naughty Boy,  and that one we know was Kawa Denshi Giken Co., Ltd. 

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4 hours ago, youki said:

Naughty Boy was the first PCB i had in the First arcade cabinet i owned in 1988!.😀  Fun game!

Naughty Boy was a favorite for me bitd at a local, indoor farmers market. Amongst the farmers wares of fruits, vegetables and a some of the best sour pickles I've ever eaten was a barley lit booth stuffed with video games slapped together, probably all bootlegs! Good times and good memories 🤟

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3 hours ago, Jess Ragan said:

Holy hell, you've got an official license from a game publisher. Congratulations! 

Hey Jess, nice to see you back! We have a magazine that I would love to send you a copy. :)

As for the licenses, we are hopefully just getting started. I am doing Opcode full time now, we need to transition to a more robust business model. :)


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