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POKEY MAX CHIP for Sale !!!

Retro Wayne

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So I bought a POKEY MAX CHIP for my Atari 7800 Concerto and it did'nt work...  Apparently I need the Chip that is in Commando and Ballblazer - so I bought a Commando Cartridge and Cannibalised it ( or should I say I had a Guy do it - I DO NOT do technical Stuff, way beyond me !!! ).  With it not working, I Switched my Atari 7800 Off, I Unplugged my Concerto and I pulled the Chip out of the Concerto and one of the Pins got Damaged BUT...  I have had it repaired by the same Guy who fixed my Concerto with the Commando Cartridge Chip.  So - Long Story short, I am Selling the Pokey Max - £50 UK - Postage and Packing - if you are outside UK then you will need to Pay me Extra for Postage and Packing.  Sold as seen, NO RETURNS and Paypal ONLY please !

I've been COMPLETELY honest and transparent - Hopefully that should answer any questions anyone should have.




Oh, It's also up for Sale on Facebook there is a Picture of the "Other Side" of the Chip on there - look on the "RETRO FOR SALE" on Facebook - Happy Bidding and Good Luck




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