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7800 Highscore cartridge


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hi have a brand new boxed highscore cartridge

with instructions. it is even signed by curt vendel. a highlight item for collectors. it is one of the first new early versions with more support.


the trade i planned was canceled.

and at the moment i am nearly broke ...

atarimania has grabbed me again. ;-)


so i am selling this one to anybody making me a reasonable offer.



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i sent a large ammount of games and parts for the 7800 in trade for it. and i dunno if you heard the story of the HSC site ... there was a guy called justin that messed up the trades and the business of selling them. so i didn't get any replies to my mails, while my mission impossible was on sale for 69$ and even sold later on, same for my joypads and more stuff ... while he never sent out my package, it seems he made more than 200$ out of my trade items .... just a month ago, curt vendel has contacted me and told me he had taken back the site and business, and he was so nice to send me two boxed HSC carts, the first ones from the latest revision. he has even signed them.


so these carts have a little history behind them, are from the first revision serie, allready travelled many thousand miles, have an exclusive autograph ....


and they really don't look cheap like the hozer carts ... (nothing personal, randy ;-) i love your 23 carts i have)



so "realistic" means:


1) if you just need the regular cart and don't value handmade boxes and autographs, you should probably just order a regular one.


2) if you're hot on it because of these details, you'll value it a little higher and offer me an extra on top ...


3) if you know i have atarimania, you try to offer me some real hot item and i go "f** the money, let's trade"

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