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Pong Picture Thread


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Atari Ultra doubles ( complete )


Radofin tele sports mini


Granstand 5000 ( with stunt cycle controller )


Grandstnd 6000 ( with gun not in photo )


Zinger pingpong ( modern magic eye pong, with bat in hand you play against the computer on the tv )


Thats it for pong but they do take up to much room.

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I bought a Bentley Compu-Vision unit today, and www.pong-story.com/ has it listed as a British released machine. I haven't tried it out (I have to clean out the corrosion from the battery slots), so I don't know if it's in PAL format or not. Anyone have an idea if Bentleys were sold outside the UK?

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I don't have any of my pong units here yet, but i have most of them pictured with my atari collection.




Odyssey 200/300 (pending)/400/500

Nintendo TV-Game 15

Venture Video Sports (currently dead, going to fix once its here)

Coleco Telstar (One paddle controller died, had to replace it)

Coleco Telstar Marksman (missing gun)

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I bought a Hanimex Electronic TV Game, model 777, this afternoon. Again, I can't find any info about it being an American release. I found a 777I model available in Europe, but it's not listed for North American release. But there's a blurb on the bottom about FCC approval, so it must be an American release.

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Finally got all my Pong and pong-like systems together for a family portrait:




Were you the one who bought the television tennis by exectutive games on ebay? cuz it looks as if this system was the EXACT one that was one ebay for $30 the person didn' know the price even though it would be 3 out of 6 on pong-story.com

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