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The Atari 2600+ is live for preorders!


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7 minutes ago, mimo said:

Why, physical carts work 

Emulation consoles like the Hyperkin Retron series and the Polymega dump cartridge ROMs to system memory then play the game. Not actually interacting with the carts like original consoles. If this device is similar then the same thing likely applies here and flash carts won't work like in those consoles.


This look neat and has a reasonable price. I'll pick one up at some point.

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I'm torn on this at the moment.


On the plus side, it seems to be compatible with a lot more games than the Retron 77. Second, 7800 titles being playable is a huge thing.


However, there are still too many games listed as "untested," and a couple of big ones, at that. It's like, they tested Custer's Revenge but not Pitfall II? How does that make any kind of sense? SD carts are most likely out of the picture, which is another negative. What about homebrews? Not that Atari themselves would confirm that they run, but that would be a make or break deal for me. What about something like the Seagull78 or AtariVox?

So right now, the jury is out. I'd prefer to hear some initial impressions and wait for them to improve compatibility before I buy.

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I jumped in. Pre-ordered the 2600+, extra CX40+ and CX30+ bundle. I also sent a request to them asking if the unit is compatible with 7800 joysticks since several require 2 BUTTON controllers. Will povide what they send back to me as soon as I get response.

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  1. HDMI out
  2. USBC Power
  3. Lighted Logo
  4. Looks great, woodgrain looks like actual wood in the photos.
  5. Pack-in is a 10 in one.


  1. No S-video or even composite out, so no vintage TV compatibility.
  2. Why a four switch? some games use the Difficulty switches in play.
  3. No second button to the Joystick. If it is good, and had both buttons, it would be a seller. Missed Opportunity.

Whether it plays flashcarts or not, i'll buy one, but it'll stay in the box if it doesn't.
If it plays them or doesn't "feel" like emulation, I may use it.

Has anyone noticed the Arcade PCB reproductions?



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45 minutes ago, mimo said:

Why, physical carts work 

No, they don't "work". You just get the illusion of them working. The cartridge connector is a cart dumper and tries to create a rom that can be sent to the emulator. It will only recognize the bankswitching schemes it was programmed for (and there's always the possibility that autodetection of the right scheme fails in some corner cases). Support for new bankswitching types (or newly discovered ones) will always require the dumper code to be updated (if it's possible to do so), and the emulator too, of course, and any cartridge that contains something more than rom and ram (e.g. the ARM enhanced games, the mentioned SD multicarts, or other hardware like the Supercharger or the Compumate) will never work with an emulator+cart dumper.


The same is true for the controiller ports: they recognize only the controllers they're programmed for and translate the inputs to emulator "events". There's no direct access to the pins like in a real console, so it's unlikely that things like trak-balls, mice, keypads and other uncommon controllers will work, let alone something like the AtariVox or the Savekey. And again, any new hardware that will be designed would require to update the emulator and the software for the controller ports.


If you're in search for a replacement for an original 2600 or 7800 console, and expect full compatibility with games and accesories then remember that an emulation box is NOT what you're looking for!




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Yeah, that explains the "serial port" comment in the features. This, however, does open up possibilities for homebrewers. I wonder if it is compatible with the NOAC ports, or USB. If USB, then many modern controllers can probably be hacked to use.

I'm also gonna guess that the USB-C power port is also a programming port, like the NES mini, for example.

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15 minutes ago, Special Teams said:

How is it reading from the 10-in-1 cart and I assume that's different from how it would read from my Harmony?

The multicart simply uses physical switches on the cart itself to select the game.

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1 hour ago, davidcalgary29 said:

I'll get one from them when they have another sale. The US-only shipping still makes me irate -- have Atari not figured out that they have an international market?!

My source at Atari states that international retailer links will go online by the end of the week.



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