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Is there an official name/model for the cartridge port of the Colecovision/Adam?

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Hi everyone, I was just wondering if the cartridge female cartridge port of the Coleco/Adam is something that exists today or was it some custom pin configuration custom to the Coleco or perhaps something that was once standard, but is long extinct today? 



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It is an Amphenol (now Amp) 30-pin dual connector .1" spaced.


I bought a pair in January of this year for my Colecovision on a breadboard.




I just checked in Digikey and it isn't currently in stock (I should have bought the 14 they had). Probably it is available somewhere else.




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5 hours ago, Caleb Garner said:

awesome and what about the pin-out of a cartridge?  is that something that has to be made by a PCB company or can a board with those pins be found somehow?   I'm thinking it would take a PCB maker to produce a board that could interface into that port.


It is pretty special, so yes, you need to make a PCB, or order one from @5-11under for a cartridge and check if you can adapt it to your purposes.

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3 minutes ago, nanochess said:

cartridge and check if you can adapt it to your purposes.

cool i'll look into that..  i think i see the road ahead and it looks doable..  but yea would likely require a custom pcb to do what i need in the space i'd need it done.  

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Yes Digi-Key is out of stock until the middle of next month but OCTOPART shows a bunch at Mouser and a few at Newark, Avnet, and Online Components ;-)


TE Connectivity P/N: 5530841-2 (Mouser P/N: 571-5530841-2)

Price: $4.72 each

Description: Connector Card Edge Socket 30 Position 2.54mm Solder Straight Thru-Hole


This is a former AMP part which got absorbed into TE Connectivity.

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very cool, so I imagine that ports like this are still out there for various consoles? 


I'm not in a major rush for them at this point, but i was looking to get a couple for prototyping in the near future.  


2600 and Intellivision for example.  2600 seems a bit custom, but the intellivision one looks pretty straight forward.  

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