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Shit House Blues!

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Shit House Blues.zip  << Zip containing game files for XB, and EA5, and a little manual




Shit House Blues is a game similar, but not the same as , Outhouse for the TRS-80.


You control your drone with the number 1 wired remote controller, moving in all directions and you can fire in 8 directions ... care must be taken though as you can only fire when moving.


Shoot the shit-rag bandits before they steal all your toilet paper.  You start with 99 rolls .  Bonus is given at end of each round with score added (10 points per remaining roll)


As you progress the game gets harder.  Wave 1 is just the shit-rag bandits, wave 2 is those plus the Zappers. Wave 3 onwards has all that AND a Saucer that tracks you movements in the hope of ramming your drone.


An extra life is awarded at the bonus screen if you only have 1 drone remaining at that point.


Be careful moving around as there is an electricity wire above the shit-house.  


Also the Saucers spawn on the screen in random locations - it's wise to keep moving!


If all shit-rags are stolen then the game will end no matter how many lives remain.



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Retrospect! The game is very funny! a bit hard to play for my 

also due to the fact that I am getting older and the arthritis in my hands is starting to show!;-)

I also really like the cover of the manual which is inspired by the old style of Texas Instruments manuals but without copying it completely, great idea!

I didn't know this game on TRS80 it was also nice to go to see what the original was like. 
Thank you! :)

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7 hours ago, ti99iuc said:

I didn't know this game on TRS80 it was also nice to go to see what the original was like.

Yeah it was a game I found on PlanetEmu years back its great for the Model 1.  I don't like the COCO version though.  

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19 hours ago, Retrospect said:

Also there's a song !  😄

Ah, yes, a classic American folk song.  Of course, some liberties have been taken over the years, but I believe George Washington and his troops sang this before sneaking across a frozen river and, well, you know the history.

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