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Time Wizard - a game for ABBUC Software Contest 2023


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@DaveMacBlack, thank you very much for your offer. I've just sent you a PM with details about the translation. :)

By the way, I would like to inform everyone that a newer version of level editor for Time Wizard is available on the following link:



List of changes in v1.8 is as follows:

  • Added on/off buttons.
  • Added buttons with timer.
  • Added following enemies.
  • Added tw_11_redesign, test3 and test4 levels.
  • Fixed problem with vertical portals in v1.7.

I am waiting for new levels from you! :)

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Recently I had less time for coding, but I managed to prepare the fourth version of WIP demo. :)



The following features have been introduced:

  • New kind of field which block manipulation of time. The hero cannot pause or reverse when touches this field. But he can do it again after leaving the restricted area.
  • A surprise action at the end of level. Some levels may have a special action after taking all hourglasses. In the example shown, force fields are activated. By the way, in this level a new color scheme can be seen.
  • Hero's resurrection counter. Sometimes I wonder how often the hero has to be resurrected to complete a level. Now, after completing a level, this information is displayed.
  • Updated title screen and added Deluxe Edition label. I'm not sure if this image will be the final title screen...
  • Czech language with translation prepared by @DaveMacBlack - thanks a lot!

I will also try to provide an updated level editor soon. :)

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Once again, I would like to thank you very much for your help in translating the game texts. Your names will be visible in the game:



Attention advertising!

The author of a level will be able to see his/her name while the level is loading. It is worth appearing in the game. :)


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