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New Atari 2600 +


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On 5/24/2024 at 2:44 AM, batari said:

If you have tried Pitfall II and it isn't working, then yes, I will need to modify the DPC.arm file. I will look into that.


I thought I would also note that there have been changes to the 2600+ firmware such that the special .arm files are generally no longer needed for the 2600+. Also, additional mappers may work now that didn't before.


In addition, you should be able to install the regular multicart firmware on Harmony, then you can play a game from the SD card on the Harmony cart using the 2600+. To do this, put a single game on an SD card, and call it "autorom.bin" and the Harmony cart will boot to this game. Generally, there should no longer be a need to use a USB cable to download a game directly to the Harmony cart to use it on the 2600+.


If Pitfall II doesn't work in developer mode, it probably doesn't work in multicart/autorom mode either. So in either case I will try things out and see what I can figure out.

I tested bit more autorom.bin and found some files do not work while they do in developer mode:

  • Oozy_the_goo_RC1_ntsc.bin (32KB): FAIL to run (works in dev mode)
  • Kung fu master (F8): FAIL, black screen
  • DonkeyKongVCS.a26: FAIL to run (OK in dev mode)
  • gotb2mtb_rc5.bin (game of the bear 2, 32KB): OK
  • Circus Convoy: FAIL to run (possibly expected at 128KB since dev mode does not support that either, cartridge works)



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I have a question to being able to load a game from an SD card using autorom.bin. Whatever I do it doesn't work.

I download the eeloader:104e_PL50.bin to the Harmony cartridge and copy hbios_106_PAL50.bin to the SD card. I then put the SD card in the Harmony cartridge and switch on. I get "game loading,no game found". I take the card out and copy a game as autorom.bin. I get "game loading, no game found" and a black screen.

I have repeated the process many times, it never loads a game from the SD card. Some have written that they have done the bios loading process on a 2600. Does that mean it does not work on 2600* alone without doing that first?

Firmware r3 and dumper .01.

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On 6/23/2024 at 12:36 AM, russell_nash said:

On a Linux system the arm files are in /usr/share/harmonycart/ . I don't use a Microsoft operating system or Apple  but there will be a folder for the Harmony cartridge which contains arm files, just copy the new file over to it.

File on computer? Files on the Harmony I guessing leave as is.

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My Harmony cartridge still wont load a game from the SD card although I have confirmed the update of the cartridge to eeloader104e and hbios106. Can anyone list me a few games that they have successfully loaded from an SD card on their cartridge, Please?

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