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Dig Dug - Graphical Improvements


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I decided to pull an old graphical hack that I had lying around out of the dustbin, and now I present to you:

The Dig-Dug Graphical Improvement ROM.

(Now close enough to finished for me to share it.)

This hack brings the sprites closer to their arcade counterpart, while only introducing ~ 4-5 graphical errors!



Some screenshots --





Just a little something because I haven't really seen any romhacks for this one.


Dig-Dug - Graphical Improvements.bin


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Good job. I noticed that in Arcade he wears white clothes like an astronaut. I tried to incorporate this and also add the element of the eyes, but the result for me was strange. I think he looks better without the eyes anyway, the helmet and visor from the original Atari version gives him a Master Chief look from the Halo game.


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