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Harmony not sorting entries


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I swapped Harmony for UnoCart because of the severe issues with Doctor by Trilobit demo on the latter.


Now the issues are minor but still exist.


But my problem is Harmony is NOT sorting entries, at all.  I got something like



--2 IN ONE.bin






Neither of the levels is sorted.  WTF??


I saw no settings to alter this on Harmony splash screen, also I bought harmony lately (July) so I assume I have the right FW.

Please help as this pending issue renders my 2600 barely usable...


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36 minutes ago, DiskDoctor said:

I saw no settings to alter this on Harmony splash screen...

There's no setting. the Harmony does NOT sort the files, but read them in the order they appear on the card.

You need to use a program on a PC to sort the files. There are several of them for every operating system.


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