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Alex Kidd vs Ghost Wizard (Dragonfire Hack)


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After the events of Burger Hungry, another threat appears on the horizon, an old persecutor of Alex Kidd reappears in the Radaxian kingdom, we are talking about the invincible wizard ghost. But after all these years, Alex has developed a weapon capable of sending him back to his dimension.
Phantom magician is always with his magic wand, and it is the symbol of his power.
ghost mage aims to collect all the ancient treasures, some species of fantastic animals, magic contained in sacred stones and papyrus manuscripts.

Captura de tela em 2023-09-07 23-17-18.png

Captura de tela em 2023-09-07 23-18-26.png

Captura de tela em 2023-09-07 23-21-02.png

Captura de tela em 2023-09-07 23-22-16.png

Captura de tela em 2023-09-07 23-22-33.png

Alex Kidd vs Ghost Wizard.bin

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