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Yuko Yohan Strike Back (Keystone Kapers Hack)


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An urban legend, a villain that never made it onto game screens in Atari's golden age, comes to life in this hack based on Keystone Kapers.
Yukon Yohan, the villain, the nemesis, the opposite of Bounty Bob.
This game is a tribute to the wonderful world of Miner 2049er and its characters.
The story of this hack is very simple, not very different from the Keystone Kapers plot. Bounty Bob goes on a quest to capture and bring to justice Yukon Yohan, who is up to no good in Bounty Bob's town. Yukon aims to make the mutants from the mines invade the city and dominate it, the mutants destroy everything they see in front of them, the population is afraid of these creatures and is confined in their homes. Bounty Bob, with his vast experience as a miner, knows exactly how to deal with these creatures and send them back to their original habitat, the mines.
Shall we go on another Bounty Bob adventure? Now with the participation of your unprecedented villain in the games that gives the title its name? Good fun.


Special thanks

doctorclu and  Bomberman94  for having the patience to test the beta versions and giving me incredible tips on how I could improve the game's appearance. Without these vital observations the hack would hardly reach this quality, which I consider to have been as faithful as possible to the world of Miner 2049er.

I hope everyone enjoys it.




Promotional art in magazines at the time for what would be the true sequel to Miner 2049er, Scrape Caper. What would the villain in black clothes look like? We will never know, as no demo is available or if a demo actually existed. We can only imagine what the villain Yukon Yohan would look like.



Captura de tela em 2023-09-09 16-52-28.png

Captura de tela em 2023-09-09 16-52-51.png

Yukon Yohan Strike Back.bin Yukon Yohan Strike Back (PAL).bin

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In this second version I was inspired by the visual arts of Scraper Caper to compose Bounty Bob. In the arts he is always represented with a man with a thick beard, so I tried to simulate that and with firefighter clothes, since in the sequel to Miner 2049er he would change professions, he would probably be retired from mining. Collection items have changed.
Hope you like it.





Captura de tela em 2023-09-11 02-00-47.png

Captura de tela em 2023-09-11 02-01-15.png


Yukon Yohan Strike Back ll.bin Yukon Yohan Strike Back ll (PAL).bin

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