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Sega game gear screen has backlight but no image and has sound


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This game gear is the second one I am attempting to repair as the first one has a dead screen and this one also has an intermittent screen problem.


To start this post I have recapped the game gear and had no power so I used the other console’s PSU and sound boards to power it up as they worked, it started up with the green screen and sound only but after messing with it I got it to work for the day.


The next day it broke again so I took the multimeter and tested paths from capacitors and other components, found a loose connection on c35 which did not fix the problem so I pressed on and found nothing else and tested it put together and accidentally dropped it and the screen worked again.


As you can expect it broke once again and decided to power on and mess with the contrast and made it work enough to play a little bit of sonic and it was the last day it worked on my terms now it only wants to work when it wants to but now it does not work anymore, get a blank green screen and audio both through speaker and headphones and no amount of fiddling with contrast, audio, changing batteries, rolling the batteries or giving good whacks to it will make it work.


Many thanks will be given to any of your advice as those game gear consoles have been kicking me in the the rear end as I have fixed many other retro consoles and other items like amplifiers and ISU power supplies with ease.


I can provide more images if requested and I will follow up with repair information if it worked because I see many posts where it ends abruptly without an explanation for the repair when it worked for them.


Images and a video below:




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