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PiTrex assistance?


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Hoping someone could help me out. I recently got a PiTrex with the cartridge case, a PiZerovWH, and formatted an SD card in FAT32. I then downloaded the baremetal archive, and took all of the files iN THE SD_DRIVE in the .ZIP file and threw it into the root directory of the SD card. 

I tried to pop the cart into my Vectrex and got a black screen. It never seems to display anything.


Can anyone help? Has anyone else had this issue?

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So I went ahead and just got a new fresh 32GB card, copied all of the Bare-Metal Malban files direct from the SD_DRIVE in the .ZIP file into the root directory of the card (giving me directories like ROOT, ROMS, SAMPLE, etc. now on the root of the card). 


With this new card a light flashes on my PiTrex (I assume that's what's flashing green!) twice but again, nothing happens. Ideas?

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Are you downloading from this link? http://vide.malban.de/pitrex/pitrex-baremetal-download is where I got my ZIP and it's working fine. Make sure you don't use the SD Card Image file. I'm assuming that you copied the files and subdirectories from the SD_DRIVE folder and not the entire SD_DRIVE folder itself? If you're still having issues, you might have to reach out to Kevin directly. His email address is sales@ombertech.com.

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