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The Atari/Colecovision Framework

Captain Cozmos

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After disassembling the Atari games l have discovered that they all share the same exact code aside from the necessary changes to produce the game.


This framework is present in:




Dig Dug



Jungle Hunt



Moon Patrol is a different story

If there were any other games made by Atari that I have forgot please let me know.


Centipede and Dig Dug seem the closest.  The Larry Clague credits are at the end of Dig Dug.  Even the cartridge title is Centipede so maybe this was the last Colecovision/Atari port Larry was working on before they shut down operations.


Another note, Galaxian has the title "In Sector 84 System Crash 2045"

Galaxian also seems at face value to be an over dump.

Once I sort the code to any of these games and recompile them, you will get their true sizes.


And by "Title" I mean Colecovision standards that would be after AA55......


I would like to email Larry Clague to see if he has any recollection on the matter but my limited Google skills produced nothing.
I have no clue if the guy is even still alive but it would be interesting to get his insight from 150 years ago.


I also have plans to apply the same investigative treatment to Parker Brothers and Activision titles.  Who knows what I will find.



Captain C


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