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I wonder when it will be that people will become nostalgic for RF (and composite)


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11 hours ago, eightbit said:


Love my Soundblasters and definitely love Onkyo everything. 

Yeah same, always stuck with SB over the decades.  This kit with my nearly 9yo computer I went nuts with so it would last, and it did.  Despite the small size these speakers really kick especially when the SB tools work with it.

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Normally am fine with rf out as long as the signal is good as possible,

HOWEVER, i bought a cheap $10 rf demodulator sothat i could connect all my us rf based game consoles to my pal tv trough composite,, however since it digitally searches for a signal it doesn’t always detect the signal properly not even with manually fine tuning, or i don’t get any sound it depends per console i use and it wich channel i,ve set it to,

sometimes it remembers the selected channel, sometimes not, or it doesn’t pick up any signal from certain consoles at all, i don’t know am i missing something? Because even japanese consoles don’t get detected at all wich is odd since the unit itself is japanese and it also came with a english instruction and so i just don’t see why it couldn’t reach channel 95 or above, mmmm, sure i could,ve buy an $80 professional rf demodulator wich contains many advanced features but it’s not that i play everyday and it’s not that i ever want to hookup all those game consoles at the same time,

i only own that ntsc rf demodulator for two years so i can’t see why there should be anything wrong with it since i only used it a few times,

my atari xegs does have composite out so in such case i don’t need that rf demodulator.

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