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HSC20 Round 16: ROF & Season Catch-Up ** JOIN IN! **


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The fun playing ROF is in the learning curve - once you work it out and improve your shooting skills it's a bit on the easy side for too long...


Shoot a few baddies, when you are in a clear ish area look at the radar and fly towards a rescue blip, press L to land, if you're too high just land as soon as you can and then take off again and land again (just a second or two to skim over the surface). Face the blip directly in front of you helps get in range. Then press S to turn systems off and wait for them to walk towards you. Wait for a knock then A for airlock, then take off again :) Fly around at Speed 1 or 2 on most levels.


B to return to the mother ship - try and get all the pilots and the Ace usually shows up before you have collected a couple of extra ones.


@carlsson if you land and there's nothing there, leave / turn systems on and turn around as you can overshoot them or take off and land again while you turn - if you know you are going to overshoot then turn as you land. If there are multiple pilots nearby the radar might show another one first so keep turning.


Full info on the 1st post ;)



Votes please everyonel :D

Round 17 Poll OPEN



Will start up the next round tonight so you all have the rest of today to play :!:


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Congratulations to therealbountybob ??!!! for the win :D ROF still worth getting into, also had a quick look at Behind Jaggi Lines (hacked unofficial release) as you can start on any level 1-99 so put it on 75 and found out how insane it can get!  Thanks for bearing with me on this extended round, regular HSC action commences henceforth ;)


Thanks for playing :thumbsup:



Maniac Miner.    
31,690 for littleman jack     5pts
9,050 for littleman jr.     3pts



Jungle Hunt   36,830    2pts

Archon    12pts
Won by capturing 5 points, playing light    

Won by capturing 5 points, playing dark                

Won by eliminating the opponents, playing light    
Won by eliminating the opponents, no spells, playing light    
Won by eliminating the opponents, playing dark    
Won by eliminating the opponents, no spells, playing dark    


Mr. Do: 84,350    9pts
Mr. Do's Castle: 18,240     5pts



  ROF     Bonus HSC HSC
  Player   Score Points Points Total
1st therealbountybob   331,905 1 12 13
2nd rdrunner   118,319   11 11
3rd Deteacher   112,230   10 10
4th AtariSphinx   44,757   9 9
5th RedThunder   2,862   8 8
6th MichaG   2,772   7 7
7th carlsson   880   6 6
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