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Bombermano (Keystone Kapers Hack)


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Special thanks to Bomberman94 and doctorclu for testing the previous test versions and giving me valuable tips on where I could improve the game.
It's a platform style game with the character, a kind of tribute to the entire legacy of this incredible and unique character, also a tribute to the homebrew BOMB, by cd-w . Where I looked for a lot of inspiration to compose all the characters and backgrounds.

Captura de tela em 2023-09-16 15-33-24.png

Captura de tela em 2023-09-16 15-33-47.png

Captura de tela em 2023-09-16 15-34-31.png

Captura de tela em 2023-09-16 15-35-10.png

Captura de tela em 2023-09-16 15-52-52.png

Bombermano (NTSC).bin Bombermano (PAL).bin

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