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Multiple Drawscreens?


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I was kind of curious. 


My games seems to work pretty good but I will notice a scanline jump to 263 at only a couple points - when there is a collision with two sprites. 

I have one drawscreen so I put another drawscreen command in there with my collision codes and it seemed to resolve many of the issues I was facing. 

I had thought that you should only have one drawscreen (although I think in some other programs I had done more and just moved when it is executed. 

Is there any benefit to have more than one? Is it a best practice to try and have more instead of squeezing everything into one? Does this make sense to anyone? Lol

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33 minutes ago, Karl G said:

Effectively what that ends up doing is slowing your game down a bit by pausing for an extra frame when you have a collision. That can be fine depending on the game. You will have to see if the slowdown is noticeable at all. 

Thanks. I thought that this might be the effect. I had considered making some giant workaround of everything whenever a collision happened when I tried this to see. I did t notice any remarkable difference, apart from the scan lines, so it may be a good thing in the end. 

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